A.K.A my childhood in four words

Video Games and Animated Productions are a part of everyday life for many across the globe and, if I had enough space on this site, I might be able to explain to you just a sample of my love for both of these medias. 

A great voice can make or break the emersion of your production whether it's the presenter of your latest simulator or the sounds of those wailing goblins your hero must defeat to advance.

Below are samples of my previous work including both a natural and eccentric presenting style, a few of my most used accents and my favourite characters that I've had the pleasure of portraying.

Never fear if you can't find the specific accent or character your searching for below for I'm more than happy to discuss with you what you're looking for.



Gaming/Video Games                                                                £120

Non-Gaming Apps                                                                      £130

Animated Film                                                                             £270

Animated Series                                                                          £250 Per Episode

Animated Short                                                                           £200

(Royalty Buyout and Usage Fee Structure are negotiable for all projects listed above)



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